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Benefits of buying with us:

Maintenance service at Authorized Toyota Service Center
Uses Toyota Genuine Parts
New Battery
Tire Tread > 4mm
Complete Cleaning
Vehicle Inspection Report
Genuine Mileage
Undergone 201-point Inspection Check
2-year Warranty
FREE 2 Times Labour for 1st and 2nd Service
Superior Quality Assurance
Higher Margin of Finance and Fast Approval

We're sorry, the car you searched for is unavailable. Try using another keyword or locate our nearest branch for more info.

What People Say

Farid 5-Star customer service. I love how comfortable the showrooms are & the way the sales advisors treat you.

Yan Ning I trust Toyota Topmark whole heartedly. They’re really particular about the quality of the certified pre-owned vehicles!

Daniel The 2 Years warranty is something that you should look out for. Really puts my mind at ease. An honest business at its best!

Why Should You Choose Toyota TopMark?

Assured Quality
Pre-owned vehicles have undergone stringent evaluation and inspection tests.

Hassle Free
Seamless buying experience throughout.

Peace of Mind
Pre-owned vehicles sold are free from major accidents, flood damage, and cut and joint history.

2-Year Warranty
Up to 2 years warranty on selected car models.

Cannot find your dream car ?

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